Real-life read: “I’m not ashamed of being incontinent.”

Real-life read: “I’m not ashamed of being incontinent.”

We love to hear how our products are changing lives. We especially love to hear from inspiring women like Pat, who’s in her eighties but hasn’t let that slow her down. Here’s her email:   

I have shown my Confitex products to my 84-year-old sister and my 60-year-old daughter. Like me, they each had four children and are now suffering from incontinence.  

I use only your products and wear them day and night so I can relax knowing I won’t leak all over the place. The new ones are very comfortable, having the stretchy material rather than the elasticised legs and waistband that used to cut into me a bit. They are far less bulky as well, which means my waistline is slimmer. Theyre easier to dry and lighter in weight if you are travelling away from home for more than a few days.  

I’m very happy! Thank you Confitex!  

I’m happy for you to use my feedback, and I don’t mind my name being used. Im not ashamed of being incontinent. I do kegels every day, go to tai chi twice a week and have a personal trainer at the gym for two 30-minute sessions a week. Like most octogenarians, I am getting a bit less able than before, but I still lead an okay life, watching my grandchildren playing sport every weekend!  

Best wishes, Pat. 

We would like to thank Pat for sharing her story and giving us permission to share it with you.  

If you think your story might be helpful to others please let us know by emailing us in confidence on Thank you!

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