Managing heavy periods can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. We asked Kala to share her story...

I’m a bleeder. I have to change my super tampon every two or three hours on heavy days, sometimes every hour. It’s exhausting and expensive.  

Over the four days of my period I’d go through about 20 super tampons and 12 pads – and tampons cost a lot! On heavy nights I generally get up at least once or twice a night to change my tampon and pad. Sometimes even that’s not enough and I’ll bleed out on the bed.  

Wearing Just’nCase period-proof pants felt weird and unnerving at first. It’s very strange going from 32 years of tampons and pads, which become a psychological safety net, to just underwear, which we think of as porous. It was quite challenging and terrifying at first. It took a while to really trust that they wouldn't leak through, especially because I’d had a terrible experience beforehand with another brand of period pants. They were supposed to be their most absorbent kind, but at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, when I was at work, the blood suddenly started leaking right through my light grey pants. The only thing I could do was put a wad of toilet paper in my undies and go home to change.  

After that experience I trialedJust’nCase at home. I wore the full briefs on the heaviest day of my period and they were incredible. They completely absorbed the blood and I felt dry, with no leakage from the sides or in my jeans. Weirdly, you can’t even see where the blood is being absorbed because of the black color. I checked the odour and they were pretty odour-free, which was also good. I’m amazed that they went through the night with no leakage on the bedsheets. 

Now I wear them every period – they're all I use. I don’t have to buy pads – I don’t even have to think about them. It’s so liberating! 

I usually wear the lace ones on my early days and towards the end of my period, when I have lighter bleeding, and I’ll often wear them right through for 24 hours. They’re super comfortable and the shape is really flattering. I actually feel quite sexy in them.  

I also wear the high cut ones on lighter daysI like that they're quite streamlined and they hold you in a bit across your tummy. 

Then the full briefs are fantastic for my really heavy days when I need the extra absorbency. On heavy days comfort and security take precedence over everything else and they’re really supportive on my tummy when I’m feeling a bit bloated and melancholy. They have a slightly thicker absorbent panel than the others, which I find reassuring. You’re asking it to absorb a lot of blood so you want to look at it and feel it can deliver that. 

The full briefs will comfortably take 12 to 15 hours of heavy bleeding (I would normally have gone through four or five super tampons in that time). I’ll often have a shower in the evening and then put on another pair at night. My initial concern about wearing them at night was that I was worried they’d leak through when I was lying on my side. But it’s always surprising that they never do. 

“When I think about all the times I’ve struggled with tampons and pads in the past – including trying to figure out how to dispose of bloody tampons in the middle of Africa, changing tampons in the airplane toilet on an 11-hour flight, and running out of tampons on a boat miles from anywhere, I just wish I’d known about period underwear sooner.  

They’re revolutionary. I may never use a tampon again. Hooray!” 

We would like to thank Kala for sharing her powerful story with us. We don’t want

heavy periods

to cramp your style, which is why we designed Just’nCase

period proof underwear

with freedom in mind.  

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