Real-life read: How I manage menstruation

Real-life read: How I manage menstruation 

After a lifetime of pads and tampons, Tia was looking for a more sustainable way of managing her periods when she discovered our

washable, reusable, period-proof pants

. She shares her story:

“I like the idea of

period underwear

for a number of reasons – for the eco-friendly aspect, for cost reasons and because I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to pads and liners. I also like that it’s a natural, non-invasive approach.  

“Surprisingly, I’ve found that period pants work better than tampons and pads for my heavy flow. Just to give you an idea of my flow, on my heaviest day I’ll typically go through a super tampon every couple of hours. 


heavy periods

have been a big issue for me, so I’ve been persistent in exploring options and I've ended up trying a few different brands of

period-proof pants

to work out which I like. I've tried a few brands now and I’ve found Just’nCase by far the best – none of the others have been able to hold my heavy flow without leaking.

“I wear the Full Briefs with Extra Absorbency for my first and second days and nights, which are my heaviest. I have three pairs, and I change into a new pair between the day and night so I feel fresh. I machine wash and dry them in between so I get four wears back-to-back.  

“On day three I move to the Everyday Absorbency for my ‘lighter’ days – but I suspect my light might be someone else’s moderate-to-heavy flow, given that I can still go through a super tampon every four hours on those days. 

“I have one of each of the Everyday styles – the lace full brief and the more sporty high cut one. Both are very comfortable. I like the silky fabric and the way they make me feel supported around my stomach during my period. I am not a lacy girl, but I thought I’d try these and I found them really flattering. 

“I like that after doing a hand rinse I can just pop them in the washing machine and dryer so that I can reuse them pretty fast.  

“If you have a heavy flow like me, I think both the Everyday and the Extra are definitely great period panties for different stages of your cycle. I’m saving so much on pads and tampons!”  

We would like to thank Tia (not her real name) for sharing her story with us.  

If you think your story might be helpful to others please let us know by emailing us in confidence on Thank you!

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