Real-life read: I peed myself laughing

Real-life read: I peed myself laughing

Mother-of-two Julia finally realised her body wasn’t going to bounce back from childbirth, and started searching for a

reliable and discreet way to manage her leaks

. She shares her story:

There were two episodes that made me finally face the fact that I had a leakage issue.  

The first was at a girl’s night out with other preschool mums, where we all got a bit silly and laughed and laughed... until I peed myself laughing. Luckily no one else noticed, but I did!  

Soon after that, wanting to get back into shape after baby two, I decided to go for a run. Within minutes, I was back at the front door, almost in shock at the realization of how weak my bladder was.  

To cut a long story short, I found I had a bladder/vagina prolapse, which is apparently very common. I had the op, but after a couple of years I started to leak again and had to resort to pads as back-up. I got to the stage of feeling quite anxious if I wasn’t wearing a panty liner.  

I became aware of

pee-proof pants

through a physio and thought they were worth a try. At firstI just wore them around the house to test them, but now I wear them every day. I've been surprised and relieved by how much pee they can hold without leaking.  

Ive tried out both Just’nCaseEveryday styles – the high cut and the lace. I probably prefer the lace as it looks quite feminine. I often wear them if I’m going out with my hubby – they look so lovely hed never guess. I wear the plainer ones for running.  

“From my experience, I’m noticing that it is best to rinse them after wearing – rather than just leaving them in my laundry basket until I do the washing at the weekend. 

I enjoy the fact that by wearing them I don’t have a niggle of worry that I might leak and that I don’t have to hide the pads from my husband. I also like the fact that it is a sustainable product, so feel Im playing my part! I’m impressed and I’d recommend them.” 

We would like to thank Julia (not her real name) for sharing her story with us.  

If you think your story might be helpful to others please let us know by emailing us in confidence on Thank you!

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