The Confitex story

The Confitex story

At Confitex, our goal is a world where nobody needs to live in fear of life’s little leaks.

We’re driven by a desire to transform lives and help protect the planet by creating the best looking and best performing reusable leakproof absorbent consumer products on the market.  

We want to restore dignity and confidence to those living with a

leaky bladder,

and help manage menstruation and breastfeeding without resorting to environmentally unfriendly single-use products.

By marrying our high-performance absorbent textile technology with stylish, discreet design, we’re changing the way

bladder leakage,

menstruation and breastfeeding are managed – and smashing stigmas along the way.

Frantisek Riha-Scott - Confitex founder and Design Director

The Confitex story starts back in 2013 on the pure alpine snow slopes of New Zealand, when two young endurance ski racers came up with the ingenious idea of creating high-performance

absorbent sports underwear

to give them a competitive edge when they didn’t have time to take toilet breaks during downhill races.  

But they quickly realised that

absorbent underwear

had a far wider application than a handful of elite athletes – it would be life-changing for the one in three women and one in five men who live with light-to-medium

urinary incontinence.

Researching the issue, Confitex founder and design director Frantisek Riha-Scott found that people with

light bladder leakage

had little choice but to use single-use pads, liners and shields.  


incontinence undies

that were on the market had such horrendous designs and didn’t provide reliable leakproof protection,” says Riha-Scott. “I thought I could help.”

Drawing on his textile design training and extensive research into microscopic textile technology, Riha-Scott created and patented a multi-layered textile designed to quickly wick moisture away from the skin, absorbing liquid and retaining it without leaking, even under bodyweight pressure.  

And so, in 2015, Confitex

leakproof absorbent underwear for men and women

was launched at New Zealand Fashion Week, tackling the taboos around

bladder leakage

head-on and making international headlines as the world’s first fashionable range of

washable incontinence underwear.

Not prepared to rest on this achievement, Confitex’s research and development team continued to innovate and improve on their world-leading textile technology, creating a super absorbent and quick-wicking inner textile and patenting the GravityDri™ pocket as a solution to gravitational leakage.  

By the time Confitex’s superior second-generation range was launched in 2020, the applications for its leakproof absorbent textile technology had been expanded from bladder leakage to also include Just’nCase

reusable nursing pads

for breastfeeding mothers, and

period underwear

for women looking for a non-invasive, sustainable solution for menstruation management.  

“In a market dominated by environmentally unfriendly single-use pads and washable products that don’t live up to their marketing promises, we’re proud to offer an eco-friendly reusable alternative that actually works,” says Confitex CEO Christine Arden.  

“Because our super absorbent textile was designed to work effectively for bladder leakage, it performs even better for breastmilk and menstrual blood, which are more viscous and tend to leak more gradually and in smaller amounts.”

In 2021, Confitex was honoured with Best Product of the Year and Best Brand of the Year gongs in the Plus X Awards, the world’s largest awards programme rewarding innovation in technology, sports and lifestyle brands. Previous Plus X winners include Apple, adidas, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Miele and Nike. As well as winning these ‘Bests’, Confitex received an impressive six out of seven possible seals, being recognised for Innovation, High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology in the health and personal care category.

Confitex for Men 

reusable incontinence underwear

and Just’nCase 

washable period-proof and pee-proof pants

for women and

reusable nursing pads for breastfeeding

are available online in the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  

Read some of Confitex’s media coverage here:

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