Every now and then we receive a comment on social media from someone asking why our underwear is more expensive than ordinary underwear. Now, we know they’re not the cheapest undies out there (although they’re far from the most expensive – that gong goes to a US$30 million diamond bikini designed by Susan Rosen for the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue), but we believe they’re worth every cent. Here’s why…

When considering the price of absorbent underwear it's important to remember that they're not just replacing your ordinary underwear, they're also saving you constantly spending money on pads and liners – and helping save the environment too!


absorbent underwear and nursing pads

are designed and built to last, so they’ll save you money in the long term, as well as giving you the peace of mind of knowing you’re protected by high-performance quick-drying and odour-resistant absorbent fabric technology originally created with elite endurance athletes in mind.

We've spent years developing entirely new patented textile technology, then invested in independent lab testing to verify that our products offer the best combination of absorbency and leakproof performance currently on the market.

Laboratory testing shows that our products will last as long as your ordinary underwear – more than 52 wash cycles. And unlike most other brands you can throw them in the tumble dryer too!

How does that stack up against buying ordinary undies and then continually visiting the supermarket to buy single-use pads or shields to wear in them? When you add up the price of disposables over the months, weeks and even years, it soon becomes apparent that buying once and buying well is the wise choice. Add that to the fact that you can order our products discreetly online and then cross disposables off your supermarket shopping list and not have to worry about running out again, and going for the reusable option is a no-brainer.

And that’s not even counting the money you’ll save by not needing to buy ordinary underwear anymore – there are big savings there too. For example, our men’s underwear are similar in price to popular brands such as Calvin Klein.

Many of our users start out trialling one or two pairs, then find them so indispensable that they buy another pair or two each month until they have enough to wear them every day, just like normal undies. Others know a good deal when they see one and order a week’s worth (plus an extra pair for washing day) from the outset. (These canny shoppers also get the benefit of free delivery when they order four or more pairs from our website store.)

Plus, of course, there’s the cost that really counts – the cost to our planet of sending hundreds of pads a year to landfill. Many people don’t realise that single-use pads are lined with PU plastic, which takes up to 500 years to break down, so every so-called ‘disposable’ pad you’ve ever used is still out there somewhere.

By contrast,

our underwear and nursing pads

can be washed and reused again and again.

Plus, they’re ethically manufactured to strict international standards. Our factory and its suppliers are independently audited each year to ensure they meet international Business Social Compliance Initiative best practice across areas including ethical behaviour, waste minimisation, workplace health and safety, decent working hours and fair renumeration. To protect against child labour, no employees are aged under 18.

Our stringent ethical standards, exhaustive research, development and testing, and high standards of production are reflected in the price we ask for our products. We want the best for you, our communities and the planet, and believe that ‘cheaper’ alternatives come with hidden costs in terms of quality, humanity and sustainability.

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